Designing experiences (XD/UX) is the process of connecting the user and a product of basically any kind. The result is a pleasant, convenient and intuitive interaction with the product whether it’s a mobile app, a signage system, a way of brewing coffee or the use of some services.


An Experience Designer has a broad view of the product and its use and can identify the strengths and weaknesses of all interaction points. He suggests corrections or creates new solutions that will meet user expectations. Visual communication and infographics strengthen the message and complement product functionality through graphic forms and/or technologies.

Why do we design experiences?


We want to tell people that what they are buying is not things, pages, graphic design or services but a whole experience meant to satisfy their needs and values. I believe that the world needs more positive experiences and happy people, that what surrounds us matters. And I want to create positive changes in the world – said Magdalena Therkildsen, founder of Oridesign.

We design experiences, not objects


We think having courage is about seeing more. Looking for new solutions, stepping out of the box or improving what is already working. Following others is not always a good thing. Doing your thing is courage. Knock, knock –  Fear is at the door, Courage opens the door and no one’s there. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


Original means different, other, unique. If you want to stand out it in today’s communication chaos it is good to use your online products and be industry leader. Let’s look for a original solution. There are proven, easy ways to do it. Less is more and simplicity is effective.


The highest quality lies outside the comfort zone. Responsibility along with courage, is one of my strengths according to Gallup® StrengthsFinder. „People with this trait feel responsible for what they promised to do. They are emotionally committed because of values such as loyalty and honesty” – Marta Bara, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.


Magda has been an invaluable help consulting my project of interface creation and information flow. She demonstrated exceptional mastery of theory, combined with UX and design experience. Magda’s exceptional empathy and creativity make it easy to connect with the customer in area of brand vision and design.

Igor Zaborowski

CEO and Founder,

I can highly recommend Magdalena Therkildsen as a very skilled graphic design art director. In many occasions she has solved visual challenges for logos, corporate design and digital platforms. Every time delivered and approved within budget and time schedule.

Michael Raffnsoe

Executive Marketing Professional

It was a pleasure to cooperate with Magda in the area of graphic design and I was impressed with the level of service. Magda’s great asset in business projects is her ability to think from the client perspective. I also admire her for initiative, showing a variety solutions, creativity and a high level of esthetics. I can recommend Magda as a proven and reliable contractor to anyone considering cooperation.

Ewa Wolańska

Recruiter, PR, Ghostwriter

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