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Emotions or tools?
Emotions because their origin is needs.


We design visual communication und user experiences. We combine passion with education. Design with psychology. We design digital and offline products, checking service levels in public facilities, suggesting visual enhancements that improve the mood and atmosphere.

We are deeply interested how products, messages and surroundings influence human experiences. We are UX designers because we believe the world needs more positive experiences and happy people.



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 Client: Magda you have kind of a cascade outlook, you look at one thing while immediately creating the bigger outlook you widen the horizon by giving a deeper meaning to simple things.

 Magda: I search in emotions and in-between words as therein lies everything. It’s a job that connects soft and hard skills, artist’s sensitivity with graphs and tables.






We are where product and humans meet each other. Our goal is to ensure a smooth interaction

We are where product and humans meet each other. Our goal is to ensure a smooth interaction

Hi, my name is Magdalena Therkildsen. Oridesign was created with passion for design and cognitive psychology. I graduated from the Academy of Arts, studying Visual Communication Design at the Department of Industrial Forms. I also had a one year scholarship at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Department of Graphics and Advertising where I focused on book design. I am currently studying user experience design. At the Coaching & Business Trainers School I broadened and developed empathy and psychological insights, which in my opinion is necessary when designing with people and for people.

I worked as a packaging designer, visual communication manager and visual information expert in a scientific documentary team, both on the creative as well as the business side. Now I am helping people to create their business in visual side and show them the easy way of making graphics materials by themself.

In my blog (currently in polish only) I write about visual communication and UX in public facilities, combining cognitive psychology with the world of design.

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